What Does A Fashion Designer

Fashion designing is deemed as one of the most successful careers in the modern world. They can easily make a lot of money by making creative designs in the field of clothing accessories. Fashion designers are the ones who create original designs for clothing, footwear and other accessories. They make sketches, selects patterns and fabrics to be used, and oversee the production of the products in the manufacturing unit. There are a lot of duties to be performed by a fashion designer to become successful in this field.

A fashion designer should be well aware of the trends in the fashion world and should anticipate the type of design which will appeal to the masses. Most of the designers create their designs as collection. Before making a collection of clothing they will have to choose a theme for it. The whole collection will be consisting of clothing, foot wear and other accessories which will match with them. Such designs can be made by hand sketches or by computer aided designs. Most of the times, the designs start with hand sketches and the final designs will be developed in computer aided design programs.

One important factor which is overlooked by most of the budding fashion designers is in the selection of fabrics. A professional designer will be keen about choosing such fabrics which are not yet released in the market. For achieving this they will go to trade shows for getting the right fabric designs or make pacts with the fabric manufacturers for creating specially designed ones for them. The design of clothing will become final only when all the accessories which go with them are designed. Before creating the finalized products they will fist make a prototype collection of all the dresses to make sure about its functionality. Then with the help of a team of designers and workers they create the final product.