Tips on How to Emphasize

How many women embrace their curves and allow fashion accessories to flaunt them? I would venture to guess that women are getting comfortable with knowing which cut and materials in clothing will emphasize certain aspects of their physique. However, most women still shy away from maximizing the power of fashion accessories. So, I would like to challenge you to create a number of unique outfits showing off your feminine shape simply by using a variety of accessories. Fashion accessories are not only added necessities, but they are also supplementary ways to make you look good and feel good. And the best part is that fashion accessories are key to your feminine and classy style, which shows off your bella figura. Yes, we all have a bella figura, no matter what you call it: pear, apple, bottom-heavy, top-heavy, curvy, boy figure, petite, tall, hourglass, willow, and so on. It really doesn’t matter what your shape is called, it’s just all about emphasizing it and playing up on your femininity.

So, let’s look at how you can use fashion accessories to display your stylish, attractive, classy and feminine side:

Add a colorful necklace to draw attention to your neckline or use a bold necklace to draw attention away from your trouble spots.

Layer silver, gold or beaded necklaces to draw extra attention to your beautiful neck and eyes.

Wear a brooch to add interest in a unique and unusual place, such as the bottom of your V-Neckline.

Pull a long beaded necklace or a sassy scarf through your belt loops to serve as a belt.

Tie your hair back into a chic ponytail and let gorgeous earrings bring attention to your face.

Wear pearl earrings and necklace to show off your décolleté while wearing a V-Neck.

Elongate your face by wearing long earrings or square or rectangular shaped.

Choose a chunky bracelet or sparkly ring so that they compliment your face, as well as your hands.

Put on a headband to give your face an instant lift.

Wear an anklet that is lightweight and fancily decorated to show off your feet.

Throw a classic handbag over your shoulder to emphasize a slim waistline.

Wear a bright red, blue or green hobo bag to put emphasis to your waist while wearing a shirt dress. You can even sass it up with a matching belt.

Use silk scarves and cashmere pashmina shawls to put the focus on your shoulders and brighten your face.

You will notice a big difference in your own personal style and how you feel if you play up your bella figura with accessories. So, be proud of your bella figura and choose your clothes and accessories keeping in mind how you can best show off your unique shape.