I Like a Fashionable Purse Most

What do you pay attention to when you are buying purses? Some people like a branded one most. Therefore, they always concern whether it is made by famous manufacturers or not. Some people always take part in different activities. They pay attention to the designs and styles. Some of them like a durable money bag. Thus, their favorite is the one which is made of top materials. For me, I like a fashionable purse most. When I am buying a new one, I will see whether it is fashionable or not.

More and more people like to buy fashionable accessories. Fashion is a hot topic for both men and women. Today, a money bag is not only something for people to put money, but also a fashionable accessory. A person who owns a fashionable one is always proud of it. As a girl, most friends of mine carry a trendy purse. And they always talk about these bags when they are getting together. In order to get along with them well, I have to own such a money bag.

Secondly, a fashionable purse is an essential accessory for girls in today’s society. My clothes are various in styles. And I also own different shoes. So do other girls! If the money bag I own is trendy, I can carry it with any kinds of wearing. It is also a trend for both men and women to own it. Most people like to see whether a person has such a money bag or not today.

Thirdly, by carrying a trendy money bag I will be more confident about myself. It helps me to look stylish. And if the one I own is the latest version in the market, many people will consider me as a person who has a good taste. Of course I will be more confident about myself if I am praised by others. Therefore, I’d like to buy such a purse when I am looking for a new one. And it is much better if it is from a famous brand.

I also like to be paid attention to by others. As many people love fashion, they will always pay attention to a person who owns trendy accessories. If I happen to own such an accessory, I am surely eye-catching.

There are many different options for people to choose when they are buying a new purse. Different people concern different aspects when they are buying a new one. As a girl who loves fashion, what I am interested in most is whether the money bag is fashionable or not.