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Animal Skin Rugs – Striking & Natural

Striking effects are one way to bring any home to life. Homeowners want décor ideas that they can use with ease to make the home right to their taste. Many people love spending lots of time in the outdoors. They want to use items on hand that allow them to bring the outdoors straight into their homes. One of the best ways of doing so, as so many have found out, is via the use of animal skin rugs. Animal skin rugs such as reindeer hide rugs and a cowhide rug have much to admire. Items like sheepskin rugs are about bringing the natural world close to home and using it with great fun. These rugs are all about a process that lets people do just that and have something that is wonderfully striking.

Creating a Space

The creation of any space will have multiple elements. This begins with the flooring. The right kind of flooring makes any home look wonderful. One way to make the flooring look striking and use natural elements is by using animal skin rugs. A cowhide rug fits nicely on top of all kinds of flooring including marble, wood, tile and stone. It has personality that helps show off the subtle tones found in other materials in the home. For example, people can use it as a way of bringing in lots of soft contrast. An animal skin rug such as sheepskin rugs are about using materials that have been loved for centuries and still have lots of true appeal in the world today. These rugs are about making a space come to life.

Fabulously Warm

Warm is another element that many homeowners embrace. They want items that are warm and add plenty of texture at the same time. Animal skin rugs such as reindeer hide rugs fill this void and fill it very well. Each rug helps keep the cold from getting inside any home. They provide an additional layer on top of any existing flooring. It’s easier than ever to take advantage of this process and use it to one’s advantage. People can place the rugs in ways that help keep out draft and block cold weather from getting inside. They can also relax on top of the rug and rest easy because they are made from such warm materials. Warming up after a long day skiing with a lovely, thick animal skin rug is one way to rest against the lounge and shake off the freezing ice and snow.

Different Ways

For those homeowners who want to make every room in their home places that have something striking to look at, animal skin rugs offer the perfect opportunity to do just that. These rugs can be placed in any area. They can also be placed across many surfaces. For example, it’s possible to take any rocking chair and make it even more striking by laying an animal skin rug across the back of the chair. It’s also a great object to place along the way for an original work of art that lets the entire room shine with texture and a truly unique focal point. Visit this website for further information about animal skin rugs.

Ideas for Styling Short Curly Hair: It Is Ideal Time to Tame Those Tresses!

There will be no need to be baffled if you woke up one day and find your short curly hair displaced all over. You know that it shows self-confidence, superiority, and sexiness…and I have a lingering hope that is all you want.

Oh, la la. It is very simple and shouldn’t be an alarm call for any worries. Take some of your hairstyling accessories, a comb, and a few other things and follow these styling steps for short curly hair. It needs some techniques, patience and a lot of motivation.

  1. Clipped in Place

This is simple styling tip for short curly hair that will take less than ten minutes-work best for those with limited time for hair styling. Start by applying a mousse and then wholly blow dry it. Divide the hair side by side into two. Grab and pull the two sections of the hair to the back and hold them with a clip. Once all the hair is intact, hold it further with a hairspray.

  1. The Sexy Curls Ponytail

Collect all your hair to one side of the head and shake it to make the curls loose. Use a pliant band to secure the hair together and augment the look with a spray. Note that this look is ideal for unwashed tresses because it has natural texture. So, if you need to look sexy without putting much of your effort, consider this sexy ponytail.

  1. The Neat Curl Updo

This short curly hair tip also doesn’t require washed curls. To rock this look, you need to have a wide toothed comb, a curling mousse, and a band. Assemble all the hair on the head and hold them with an elastic band. Give the hair a messy look by pulling some hair with your figures. Apply mousse on the trimmings to bring out the curls.

  1. Free Flowing Curls with Locks

To achieve this look, you should have a wide-toothed comb, flat iron, leave in -conditioner and a blow dryer. Wash your hair and get rid of any remaining water with a towel. Then use a leave-in conditioner and comb the hair once. Blow dry it to avoid frizzing. Finally, flat iron your curls to achieve the final results. If need be, you can use a headband to separate the curls from the bangs.

  1. The “Rihanna -Miley Cyrus “Fusion

This is not a hairstyle for the faint-hearted. You need to be bold enough to try this captivating hair-do. For perfect results, you should consider seeking professional services from a trusted stylist because there is a shaving involved in this haircut. To make heads turn, you can consider an idea of transforming the shade of your short curly hair.

A Vital Fashion Accessory

Buckle forms an important piece of a belt. They may be made from various materials such as plastic, wood or metal. Nowadays the market is being flooded with various types of belt buckles. Some of the common varieties include Gothic, war, Texas, cowboy, cow girl, western and military.

The buckles that are mainly worn to keep up with the twilight style are found to appear with flash stones or embroidered with some kind of stones. Other than to grasp the denim, these types of belts are mainly intended to make fashion statements. These days you will find a lot of scrolling, digital or lightning buckles in the market. They can be worn during the fun filled night hours.

Guy’s fashion is drastically changing these days when compared to the past. Now each and every man is fashion conscious just as any woman. They began to add a lot of accessories and even jewelry to make them look different from others. One of the excellent accessories fashion conscious men can consider adding to their collection is belt buckles.

Gone are the days when belts were used only for the sole purpose of holding the trousers. But now belts with cool belt buckets are put on to highlight a person’s personality as well as to attract people’s attention. Belt buckles may make your simple outfit to appear more fashionable and eye-catching.

As said before belt buckles are available in various varieties, it’s not so difficult to find the one that suits your taste and style. If are you are highly fashion conscious, belt buckles with crystal stones can be the right option, but you should know that they are quite expensive compared to other types. The present trend is digital buckle leather belts and scrolling light buckles. Several other belt buckles are also widely available in the market. Sometimes, belt buckles are made by orders.

Belt buckles with sacred symbols printed on it are also widely preferred by many men. These types of belts are mainly used by religious men who want to religious in each and everything. This way they convey the message of hope, love and their faith to others. Some men prefer to use buckles that represent their occupation. Some of the common types include firemen, trucker, plumber etc.

Buckles for men are mainly designed to express their fashion sensed to others. One of the best things about men’s buckle is its light weight. Moreover, it is adjustable and can be changed easily on other belts. Therefore, you don’t have to invest on other belts. It is easily available everywhere.

Fashion Jewelry Online Is Becoming

Fashion jewellery is an essential part to augment one’s personality. Not only clothes that a woman wears add up to her personality but the matching accessories sum up a distinct aura. Fashion jewelry comes into many line and styles. The approach of jewelry is to enhance a woman’s outlook by giving her different look altogether. Different occasions, situations and places are symbolized with different type of jewelry. It doesn’t matter how much jewelry she wears before buying any other. If it is in fashion, it goes in with the other fashion accessories.

Fashion Jewellery through online selling comes into different varieties such as beaded, silver jewellery, gold and diamond jewellery. Its very well said that diamonds are forever the girl’s best friend. But now the time has come to look beyond diamonds as silver and beaded jewelry has come into the market. These semi precious jewellery are not only cost effective and economical but one can wear them by frequently changing them according to the dress color and design. Many fashion stores are equipped with vintage as well as contemporary jewelry starting from the most expensive to affordable prices. Nowadays many prominent brands are introduced in the market with their share of fashionable jewelry designed exclusively by the best designers in the industry. Experts in fashion industry knows, big potential of their clothes lining and fashion accessories exists in the middle class ,any brands are revealing their lines keeping in mind the cost that suits the middle class and upper middle class households.

In today’s world of instantaneous delivery at your door step, concept of internet has grown into phenomenal rate. Therefore shrinking the colossal earth into tiny global village where every information is available online without any whatsoever cost. The buyer could see the catalog, exact snap shots of the jewelry just the way by sitting comfortably at his home. The buyer could select them and places the order online from his local end. The delivery is done with in the mentioned time. The major advantage is that it saves time and money of the buyer instead of going to the showroom physically to purchase the jewelry .The buyer could easily login to the website goes through all the options and choices, with their price tags and select the most desirable one. Many companies are in market showing their online presence for capturing the potential customers from both International as well as local market. They offer the jewelleries at reasonable prices. Thus the key to success is to capture the demand of the trade by incorporating varied style and ranges of jewelry so that the customer can have many choices to choose from. The varied choices could be anything that goes with the look and it is in fashion starting from diamonds to junk jewelry and bone jewelry.

Fashion Stylists Are Becoming

Fashion stylists are indispensable for celebrities, fashion models and actors. Today, with people busy with their careers, we find many individuals too opting for the services of stylists. Most of us are fashion conscious today and want to look our best during all occasions. This is one of the reasons why a lot of individuals too are increasingly opting for the services of fashion and image consultants.

Fashion consultants work in close coordination with their clients to prepare them for events such as cat walk, fashion shoot, movie shoot or fashion show. They efficiently integrate their unique personalities with the right choice of clothes and accessories. Fashion stylists work in close association with leading fashion designers, expert hair stylists and makeup artists. Some stylists are adept at hair styling too and work on their client’s hair to offer stunning results.

These stylists help with their client’s clothes and accessories shopping choosing the right designs and colors. They fine tune and equip their wardrobes with clothes that exactly suit different occasions. This is the reason why they are also known as personal shoppers.

People who have been worked on by expert fashion stylists stand out among crowd and are the centre of attraction wherever they go. They exude confidence and charm and are always poised and self assured. They are examples of high fashion superbly guided by their stylists who help them keep pace with the ever changing fashion trends.

Every successful stylist has their own fashion website to make it easy for clients to contact them. To be a professional fashion stylist is a highly demanding job which requires you to be focused and dedicated. Only a deep passion for designing and styling can make you a reputed and successful stylist.

If you have the flair for it, you can either be a freelance, self taught professional or can opt for a degree from a reputed fashion institute. It greatly helps to do an internship under well known fashion stylists before venturing on your own. This will help you learn the nuances and tricks of the trade and learn all about the industry in-depth.

You must be prepared to face clients who are highly demanding and insist on perfection. If you work for fashion models on an everyday basis, then you must be prepared to deal with last minute highly stressful situations.

A stylist working for a television or movie production unit must be adept at selecting, planning and preparing items that are exactly suited to each setting and situation. The overall theme must be kept in mind before choosing the right clothes and accessories. Most importantly, all this has to be done keeping the budget in focus.

Fashion stylists must also keep pace with the current and latest fashion trends. Your key to success is in how expertly you integrate the personality and looks of your clients with the existing fashion sense.

Expert fashion stylists will be able to make last minute fix ups and swift alterations to dropped hems or split seams. They will be able to give focused attention to detail and will be highly knowledgeable on the current fashion trends.

There are numerous stylists in this industry and in order to survive the competition and establish your presence as reputed fashion stylists, you must have determination, focus and most importantly a deep passion for your job.

What Does A Fashion Designer

Fashion designing is deemed as one of the most successful careers in the modern world. They can easily make a lot of money by making creative designs in the field of clothing accessories. Fashion designers are the ones who create original designs for clothing, footwear and other accessories. They make sketches, selects patterns and fabrics to be used, and oversee the production of the products in the manufacturing unit. There are a lot of duties to be performed by a fashion designer to become successful in this field.

A fashion designer should be well aware of the trends in the fashion world and should anticipate the type of design which will appeal to the masses. Most of the designers create their designs as collection. Before making a collection of clothing they will have to choose a theme for it. The whole collection will be consisting of clothing, foot wear and other accessories which will match with them. Such designs can be made by hand sketches or by computer aided designs. Most of the times, the designs start with hand sketches and the final designs will be developed in computer aided design programs.

One important factor which is overlooked by most of the budding fashion designers is in the selection of fabrics. A professional designer will be keen about choosing such fabrics which are not yet released in the market. For achieving this they will go to trade shows for getting the right fabric designs or make pacts with the fabric manufacturers for creating specially designed ones for them. The design of clothing will become final only when all the accessories which go with them are designed. Before creating the finalized products they will fist make a prototype collection of all the dresses to make sure about its functionality. Then with the help of a team of designers and workers they create the final product.

Be Stylish With Fashion Jewelry

Jewelery is an integral part of a women’s attire. Jewellery has been adorned by men and women for ages to come. It is a symbol of status and wealth. Kings and Queens have worn them in abundance and every kingdom has their own style and tradition that they wear it with. Every piece of jewelery has certain significance. The most common is the ring which is symbolic of love and commitment. Similarly, bangles, necklaces and ear-rings also are worn on certain occasions. Gold jewelery is the most common and widely worn by all because of its malleability and significance of wealth. In olden days jewellery was made up of bones, stones, shell, teeth and metal. Precious stones were then studded and thus increased their value.

Fashion is a general word used mainly for style prevalent in a certain area or adorned by some people well known in movie or advertising world. It mainly refers to costumes but jewellery has been known to enhance the costume and is a very important accessory. Fashion is incomplete without proper jewelery. Fashionable jewelery compliments your attire and gives a new style to your costume. Tradition jewellery was very mundane and dull and did not have the desired effect on your attire. Costume jewelery is cheaper, easily available and can match any dress or outfit. It brings out the colours on the dress and gives it a new dimension.

Fashionable jewellery is the more innovative kind of tradition jewelery. New designs, colours, materials are used to match the dress, shoes or accessory. One need not wear the same old jewellery because you have a lot to choose from. Different kinds of beads are used to make fashionable jewellery. These could either be real or artificial. Beads combined with precious stones or bones or metal bring in the desired effect on the jewellery.

Most jewellery is handmade and designed and crafted by artisans all over the world. Every region is specific to making different types of jewelery depending on the kind of material available in that area. There is no compromise on the quality and companies guarantee customer satisfaction. Intricate designs are carved by hand and could also be tailor-made to client needs. Fashionable jewellery has numerous designs and has vast variety to choose from unlike the traditional one’s to meet diverse needs and tastes of customers. They are more trendy and can be used by all ages. Today, it’s not only the women who wear jewellery but men and boys are also piercing their ears and eyebrows to adorn different kinds of jewelery.

Fashionable jewellery is not only confined to women but also men. Bracelets, rings, ear-rings, studded belts, buttons, brooches, dog tags and cufflinks are used by men as fashionable accessories to go along with their outfits. We can say that fashion is incomplete without jewelry for both men and women. The best kind of fashion is fashion jewelry earrings because they add a bit of style that is unbeatable. Fashion jewelry earrings helps you complete an outfit and have fun all at the same time.

How To Use Fashion Accessories

All women desire to look good on all occasions. It is the reason they agonise over what to wear for a special occasion, or when they are getting ready to meet someone new or important. However, most of the time women find themselves wearing the same dress, top, skirt and jeans that they like. How can they make the wardrobe more versatile? The solution to this problem is fashion accessories. Fashion accessories will change the look of the same outfit dramatically.

When selecting accessories, there are some tips on how to select fashion accessories to camouflage figure faults to achieve pleasing line and proportion:

1) A Woman With Round Face

Necklace: When wearing a necklace, use a necklace that is longer with V-shaped or longer design.
Earrings: In order to look taller and longer, choose earrings that are oval, rectangle shape. Dangling earrings are suitable as well.

2) A Woman With Long Narrow Face

Necklace: Use a necklace that is round in shape and shorter in length. String of pearls would also be suitable. Alternatively soften the “V” neckline with scarf.

3) A Woman With Long Neck

Necklace: Advisable to use chokers or jewel-length necklaces to shorten neck. Higher necklines should be used.
Earrings: Slightly bigger rounded earrings will flatter such face shape.

4) A Woman With Short Neck

Necklace: Several longer necklaces to create a layered effect to add length. Avoid chokers and turtle-neck tops.

5) A Woman With Broad Shoulders

Necklace: Use longer necklaces to create vertical lines. Scarf is also suitable.
Earrings: Use slightly longer designs.

6) A Woman With Heavy Bust

Necklace: Avoid long necklaces which dangle over the cleavage.
Belt: Avoid wide belts as they shorten the waist and make the bust appear larger.
Brooch: Use brooches to the side to direct attention away from bust.

7) A Woman Who is Short-Waisted

Necklace: Use shorter jewelry to create more distance from jewelry to waist.
Belts: Avoid wide belts. Wear tops outside, belted. Wear belt lower than normal waistline if possible.

8) A Woman Who is Long-Waisted

Necklace: Wear longer necklines to shorten distance from jewelry to waist.
Belt: Use wide belts or sashes. Use belt slightly above waist.

Animal and flower motifs eg. elephants, leaves, birds, coins, and owls and huge retro rings are very popular this season. However, a woman who is very small build might not be suitable to wear such huge items as they will be over-powered by the jewelry.

Artisan Jewelry and Accessory

It’s spring/summer jewelry fashion trend time. When the snow starts to melt, green grass and spring flowers are popping up and eventually fresh spring temperatures turn into hot summer nights. We eagerly anticipate spring and summer bring out the flip flops and the bright seasonal colors after a long winter.

While it’s fun to watch and be aware of the trends, it’s also recommended to pick and choose which trends to incorporate into your wardrobe based on your personal style and body shape. There’s no point in being a slave to fashion trends. Go with what you love and while it’s great to have a few trendy pieces, the best fashions stand the test of time. Select your pieces carefully choosing ones that fit into trends but that you’ll still love in years to come.

The following are the key spring and summer 2009 jewelry and accessory fashion trends:

I. It’s All About The Ear-ring

II. Bangle Mania

III. Piled On The Neck-lace

IV. Eco Jewelry

V. Weaved IT Bag

VI. It’s A Wrap

VII. It’s A Romance

VIII. Metal It Up – Metalics

IX. All About The Color

I. It’s all about the ear – Earring that is

This season it’s move over statement necklace, it’s all about the ear, earring that is! While the statement necklace is still in (see below) there was a lot more focus on the ear for spring/summer runway fashion. The earring is this season’s must buy artisan jewelry piece.

The earring takes center stage and is set off perfectly with the beauty trend of hair swept up off the face. The earring cascading down the neck with hair swept up creates that stunning long swan like neck a perfect look for the warmer weather.

Long chandelier earrings and the bigger the better are hot this season, but that isn’t for everyone. Wear what works for your proportions. There’s a wide range of artisan earring choices available this season in appropriate sizes and weights for every woman. The chandelier look can be achieved with long chunky earrings or light long dangling filigree style. The trend earring effect can be achieved with either the delicate or chunky styles but with proportions appropriate for each woman’s size.

II. Bangle Mania

There seems to be no end to bangle mania as it continues to play a strong role in fashion and is a great investment. For around $20-25 you can achieve this trend effect. This spring and summer bangles on the runway were an eclectic mix of colors and styles piled high up the arm for a dramatic look.

Stack them up the arm in a colorful mix to achieve the runway look or if this look is just a little too over the top choose one or two bangles for a more subtle but on trend look. Whether you choose bright colors, resin, tribal, stone accented, brass, copper or silver, there’s no end to the choice this season and all variations fit into the trend.

III. Layered Necklaces

Many of the designers featured layers of beaded necklaces during the spring/summer fashion weeks. To achieve the runway version of the look, pile them on high. If you are seeking the layered effect without the over the top weight of multiple necklaces, seek out a more subtle artisan necklace which has multi strands to it. In this way you’ll achieve the layered look without the heaviness of the piled effect.

IV. Eco Jewelry

Eco jewelry is here to stay, look for pieces which are recycled, or produced in an eco friendly way.

V. Weaved It Bag

Spring/Summer 09’s hot handbag is the weaved bag. This is the IT bag for the season. While most of the ones on the runway are leather and with mighty big price tags you can also seek out eco recycled plastic weaved bags. There are weaved bags available which have been hand woven by a Fair Trade organisation in India and have the IT weaved effect without the leather. As an added bonus they are available in a bright range of colors for a burst of color. These bags are perfect for everyday wear or to take to the beach.

VI. It’s A Wrap

In addition to the earring, the scarf is another must have seasonal fashion accessory. They’re so hot they’ve been featured in all the major fashion magazines and blogs with lots of how to wear tutorials.

A scarf can add a perfect punch of color to any outfit and an elegant way to stay warm on a cool spring or summer eve. While hot for this season, scarves are a great investment as a wardrobe essential.

VII. It’s A Romance

Spring and summer is the perfect time for a little romance. This spring/summer there is no shortage of romantic fashion and accessories – pretty florals, transparent fabrics, ruffles, chandelier earrings, pastel and blush colors and more. Adding romantic touches to your outfit is easy with artisan jewelry. What could be more romantic than a pair of chandelier earrings or a piece of handmade silver jewelry with intricate filigree detailing?

VIII. Metal It Up Metalics

Silver, Gold, Brass and Pewter oh my! Metallic influences abound in clothing and in accessories. Pick your favourite metal jewelry and accent that outfit with a little shine.

IX. It’s All About Color

This spring and summer season there is a beautiful mix of bright, pastel colors and even black and white in fashion and artisan jewelry trends. Bright colors for this season include green, purple, red, pink and blue. Pastel and nude colors are blush pink and skin tone colors.

I Like a Fashionable Purse Most

What do you pay attention to when you are buying purses? Some people like a branded one most. Therefore, they always concern whether it is made by famous manufacturers or not. Some people always take part in different activities. They pay attention to the designs and styles. Some of them like a durable money bag. Thus, their favorite is the one which is made of top materials. For me, I like a fashionable purse most. When I am buying a new one, I will see whether it is fashionable or not.

More and more people like to buy fashionable accessories. Fashion is a hot topic for both men and women. Today, a money bag is not only something for people to put money, but also a fashionable accessory. A person who owns a fashionable one is always proud of it. As a girl, most friends of mine carry a trendy purse. And they always talk about these bags when they are getting together. In order to get along with them well, I have to own such a money bag.

Secondly, a fashionable purse is an essential accessory for girls in today’s society. My clothes are various in styles. And I also own different shoes. So do other girls! If the money bag I own is trendy, I can carry it with any kinds of wearing. It is also a trend for both men and women to own it. Most people like to see whether a person has such a money bag or not today.

Thirdly, by carrying a trendy money bag I will be more confident about myself. It helps me to look stylish. And if the one I own is the latest version in the market, many people will consider me as a person who has a good taste. Of course I will be more confident about myself if I am praised by others. Therefore, I’d like to buy such a purse when I am looking for a new one. And it is much better if it is from a famous brand.

I also like to be paid attention to by others. As many people love fashion, they will always pay attention to a person who owns trendy accessories. If I happen to own such an accessory, I am surely eye-catching.

There are many different options for people to choose when they are buying a new purse. Different people concern different aspects when they are buying a new one. As a girl who loves fashion, what I am interested in most is whether the money bag is fashionable or not.