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DIY Chic Wall Art & Polaroid Display | Home Decor | ANN LE

– Hey guys, how's it going? Welcome back to DIY Sunday.

Today's project we are going to be repurposing some old picture frames.

So if you have any old pictures frames in your home take that out, or go to your local thrift store.

So for this first methodand this first display, I really love it because it inspire me every morning and every night.

And when I look at it in the morning I think of starting fresh, starting new, starting with a blank canvas.

And then before I go to bed at night, I look at it and I justthink of dream big, you know? There's so many possibilities.

Just keep on dreaming.

And for the second display, it's really cute because if you do have Polaroid pictures or any photos, and you don't know what to do with them, this is a really fun and simple way on showcasing your pictures.

So let's get started with this.

Let's jump right into materials.

All you will need for this tutorial are some empty picture frames.

If you don't have any, check out your local thrift store.

They have some really inexpensive ones.

I also got mine from my local craft store.

Next you will need some paint primer, a paintbrush, and a colorpaint of your choice.

So let's start off withsome clean picture frames.

Lay these onto a flat surface.

And make sure to use some newspaper or something underneath to prevent any paint from spilling onto your floor.

Take out your primer spray, shake it well and go ahead and spray it along toall sides of the frame.

Now the reason whywe're using paint primer is because it will help yourpaint adhere to the surface.

Paint primer's also very helpful to use because it helps you achieve the vibrancy of color you're going for.

After you cover allsurfaces with your primer, let this set for one to two hours before moving on to the next step.

Now that the primer is dry and set, I'm going to take my paintbrush and paint along the sides of the frame.

You will probably need to paint up to two coats in order to cover up all the crevices andget your desired shade.

What I would suggest for you to do is while you wait in between coats, you can cover your paintbrushwith some plastic bag in order to save your paintbrush, and then once you're ready to paint on your next coat, take it out.

Now that the frames are set and dry, it is now time to hang them up.

I like to start off with the bigger frames then work my way to the smaller ones.

I usually hang the smaller frames around and surrounding the bigger frame.

For the lighter frames you can use a tack to pin onto the wall andthen hang your frames up.

For the bigger and heavier one, what I would suggest for you to use is a nail and hammer.

To hang up fun and cute photos, what I like to do with my empty frames is that I would cut off a string and then with two tacks I would pin them or hammer them onto the sides to hold up the string.

Lastly, I would take some clothing pins, clip them along the line, and then hang up my pictures.

Alrighty everyone, sothat is it for today.

If you do like this video, then don't forget to thumbsup to support this channel.

Also, let me know what a blank canvas or a blank frame means to you.

I already explained to youguys what it means to me, and I'd love to hearwhat your take on it is.

So, I will talk to you guys next week.


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Wall Decoration Decal Removal- Does the Paint Come With? | EpicReviewGuys CC

– Hi, I'm Parris, andostensibly today I'm going to talk about removing these decaldecorations from the wall.

Do they pull the paint off? Do they leave adhesive on the wall? The company says no,but I'm gonna find out what actually happens.

Before that though, I'dlike to briefly talk about the response I got to yesterday's video, where I mentioned anddiscussed a little about the future of this channel.

Really took me by surprise.

(acoustic guitar music) ♫ Epic Review Guys A very pleasant surprise,thank you to everyone for all the supportive comments, I really was expecting it tobe sort of a lackluster video because I wasn't reviewinga particular product in it, but wow, and thank you,I really do appreciate all that support.

I heard from a lot of peoplethat I have seen comment regularly on the videos, and also from people whoare the first time I think I've seen their name, thankyou, I appreciate all of that.

Of course everyone has different ideas for what they'd like to see change, and what they'd like to see stay the same, but I think with the way I'mgoing to arrange the channel, I won't be able to pleaseeveryone all the time, but I should be able toplease most of the people most of the time.

So stay tuned for our comingrevamp of Epic Review Guys.

Now in order to build new things up, we have to tear the old things down.

I really like this eventhough when I put it up people told me you looklike you're now a reporter in the newsroom, butthat's kind of a nice look.

In any case this has been fouror five months on the wall, and I'm thinking thelonger it's on the wall, the more likely it isit's gonna have problems with sticking or pulling paint off.

So, I rechecked their website today, this is Decal Guru atdecalguru.

Com by the way, thank you again to DecalGuru for sending me this.

They sent me a second set,the one that I picked out which I will be replacing this with and you'll just have to wait and see what that one's going to be.

But I've rechecked their instructions, is there anything special I need to do, spray water or something to loosen up, no, just peel it off, soeverything has stayed fine the entire time it's been here.

Which continent shall I start with? Let's pick on Scandinavia here, 'cause there's a little bit of a loose edge to it right here.

(decal crackles) Can you hear thecrk-crk-crk-crk-crk sound? Well, so far, so good.

I don't feel any adhesive left on there.

I feel like I need to take care of this but I'm not gonna ever reapply it, so I suppose I couldtear it if I needed to.

(decal crackles) Here you go Europe! There goes Denmark.

I'll come back forEngland and Ireland later I think they'll be alittle bit more difficult.

Eastern Europe, Russia, we all know what you've been up to.

(decal crackles) Middle East.


Tell me when we get to Siberia.

This is still sticky, oh, there it goes sticking to itself.

I suppose this couldbe reapplied possibly, it's still very adhesive-y.

I don't feel anythinghere on the paint, though.

So far, so good.

Thought you might like acloser look at the wall where this used to be, really I don't feel anything there and I don't see thatany paint has come off on the back of the decal.

Seems to be in good shape.

Here's the bare wall.

Now if you look at thelight a certain way, I'm not sure if you can see this, but there's an area that lookslike that is the only thing yeah I can see it here onthe screen of the camera, so I think you can see that, looks like South America, Central America, but that's the only place I see that.

Now the continents came offin two or three minutes, the islands were another 15 minutes of digging with myfingernails to get them off.

There is this on the back of the vinyl, and I don't know, the wall is textured, so it has something to do with that, but is that where a littlebit of adhesive came off or is that where a littlebit of finish from the paint came off, I'm not sure.

Looking at it again with the flashlight, I think this was actually, possibly Africa if it was part of thedecal, right along here, and it's only if you shinethe light a particular way and stand in a particular place, it does look like that part of Africa is still visible therefor whatever reason, now I've looked with the flashlight across the rest of where the decal was, and I can't see anything else, so not sure what to make of that.

Okay, I pulled Africa out ofthe wrapped up mess of these, and let me show you where Ithink I see the outline of it, and then see if itmatches, like right here and then coming up this side.

Is that about the same? So it's still inconclusive, I dunno, when I watchthe video when I edit it I'll see if that Africashape really does line up with that slight littledifference in the wall.

It didn't take any paintoff, but it's possible it did something tothe finish of the wall.

I may have also been a little over-zealous with the blowdryer andthe slidey plastic thing trying to get it to stickon at that point as well.

It's one of those thingsthat no one would notice walking into the room,but if you know it's there immediately when you walkin and flip on the light your eye's gonna look and see it and it may kinda bother you.

I will attempt to let go ofthat obsessive compulsive side of myself, and trythe next set of decals, wall decorations, at least I'llmake sure they cover that up so I won't see it, thoughI will have to wait on that until I get the tableand chairs out of here and tomorrow I'm takingdelivery of the next piece of furniture that I'mgoing to try out in here, that takes three to six hours to assemble.

But once that's in placeand I know right where it goes here on the wall, then I can put the newdecal right above it.

You can check out theDecal Guru at the link right down below this video.

Now I still really do likethis vinyl applique way of decorating the wall becauseit's fairly easy to install, and it's easy to changeout with other patterns so you can try differentdesigns over time.

Hopefully Pierre will assistme in my massive construction project that I have going on tomorrow.

Right now it's time tomove out the furniture and clean up the floorand get ready for that.

Keep checking back for our future videos or you can click thatSubscribe button down below, you'll get notified when our videos go up.

See you on the next review.

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