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Natural Home Decorating Tips : Recycled Tile for Natural Home Design

Now we’re going to talk a little bit aboutthe recycled products.

The terrazzo type countertop material is usually a ¼ inch, you can evenorder it thicker than the ¼ inch, ½ inch, and it does have to have underlayment so itdoesn’t crack or anything.

But it’s recycled glass, granite, and concrete mixture and it’scompressed together and it does have a mesh in it to hold it together so it’s reallystrong, I mean it’s just as strong as granite.

It’s a wonderful option, it’s beautiful,it looks like natural stone and you can put it anywhere, you can put it in a master bedroom,a master bathroom on the countertops, you can put it in an elegant kitchen on the island.

There’s a number of places this can go.

There’s I think 36 colors in this typicalbrand and there’s lots of other brands out there that make this kind of product.

There’salso the terra classics which are from recycled glass and they have a number of the… here’sthe typical natural colors that are from the earth, and then they’ve gone and expandedand added all the new colors, they’ve got some great colors, the citrine, aquamarine,peridot, sapphire, they even have like a purple sapphire which is a light lavender, and theseare colors, these are like decorator colors and they’re still in you know, you can usesomething like this recycled glass tile.

You can also use something like this one here,it’s a reconstituted concrete, paper, and fly ash in this one.

It’s solid, I’veactually personally not seen this one on counters yet, but with it coated with a sealer it’sbeautiful, it’s got a real smooth solid color to it, and it looks just like a firedclay tile without the ceramic on the top.

You would just have to seal it with a naturalclear sealer.

So that’s one of the other options there.

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