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As an interior designer, my work isn’t finished just onthe interior.

We need to do the outside as well.

I need to redothe parking lot and landscaping because I rezoned this buildingfrom a manufacturing plant into an office space, which requiresa lot more parking.

For Mark, first impressions are critical,and there’s a lot of work to be done to bring some curb appeal.

First off, before my design plan for this space can even getunderway, demolition of the old concrete is needed, as well asremoval of invasive trees surrounding the parking lot.

Forthis, I’ve turned to Darren, from 4 Evergreen Landscaping,and Nick and Edgard from U.


Pave, to get the job done.

It’sall under the careful eye of Construction Site Supervisor,Mark Furman.

For remodeling the existing parking lot it is veryimportant we don’t disturb any utilities in the ground as weremove trees, and this way U.


Pave can get started on theright foot also.

When Kalyn first came to us, you know, hermain objective was to do the best job possible.

They’re gonnaspend all this focus, time and energy inside the building andon the outside of the building, there needs to be that sameamount of focus and energy put into the parking lot area.

Allthe existing concrete poles you guys will be removing and thenwe have new poles that will be going in.

We have some existingconcrete poles and lighting that are being removed andwe’re putting insome new aluminum poles and Acuity lighting, whichis really nice LED lighting.

There’s a few differentlocations for our photo metrics on the parking lot so we’reproperly lit and evenly lit all the way around.

So, thedemolition and tree removal work is complete.

And now begins theactual site work to create a new parking lot and landscaping forBrandstar.

It will mean a lot of people working onsite at once,and hopefully staying out of each others way.

We have so manymoving parts and pieces with the exterior portion of thisbuilding.

We have the painters, the landscapers, the pavers, thesignage.

It’s a lot of moving parts and pieces and I’m reallyhoping that everyone can work together.

You have thelandscaper who’s putting new landscape in, and U.


Pave,obviously is doing the restructuring and recreating thenew parking lot.

The electrician, we need tocoordinate with him because he has conduits running through theparking lot.

So, I was only too happy when Edgard and Nick, andhis wife, Hillary, from U.


Pave,assured me that they would take care of every aspect of turningthis old parking lot into a dazzling new parking area foremployees.

We’re gonna take care of every inch of the parkinglot.

From the moment you step out onto the sidewalk – that’sall U.



Before any asphalt can be laid; however,the soil deep beneath the parking lot must be properlyprepared for density tests and the addition of lime rock.

Wetest the sub grade first to make sure the the sub grade is strongenough to carry the load, then obviously, we make sure that thebase rock also is very strong.

The asphalt is just the makeupon the pretty face.

You know what I mean? If the soilunderneath the asphalt is not compacted properly then thesoil, obviously, will shift with time as it settles down.

And,the asphalt will crack and we will develop cracks on theasphalt.

The ultimate goal of U.


Pave is to provide aparking lot that is stable and it looks good.

Not only just inappearance but also technically as a solid parking lot.

The newarchitecture on the building and the paint colors on the signagecan only take you so far for curb appeal.

So, it’s reallyimportant that we nail the landscaping and get it right.

So, I’m excited to see what you brought for me today.

Let’s runthrough it and tell me some of your thoughts and your proposal.

OK, since we’re talking about the entrance, we thought wewould use Bromeliads, they give you a lot of color, textures.

They look good all year.

So, we thought we would use them forthe entrance so you have a lot of impact there.

OK, in conceptI love it.

I love the black rocks – I love the pavers, andthe Bromeliad, I love that idea.

My vision here is to have a lotof impact when you come in, on the buildings, at the buildingat the entrance, and I think what we’re gonna do is we’regonna get color from the foliage rather than flowers, so thingslook the same all year.

So, I just met with Darren and Oscarback at the office and they showed me a wide variety ofBromeliads.

Now they told me that they got them from a placein Southwest Ranches, Florida, called Sunshine BromeliadsNursery, which specializes only in Bromeliads.

Owner, RolandoRodriguez, is quick to explain why he thinks Bromeliads makethe perfect landscape for an office space.

You know, when aclient comes into your office you wanna give that wow factor.


And the Bromeliads give that with all the different typeof colors.

So, with Darren joining us at the nursery, itwas the perfect time to choose the exact Bromeliads needed forthe office space entrance.

This is a plant that I wouldrecommend you guys use.

It’s the Alcantarea Imperialis.

What Ilike about it, especially in the corporate environment, forliability purpose I guess, it has, it doesn’t have any spines.


It’s spineless and it gives an incredible bloom that’s like6-feet high, that will be very very nice.

Wow, OK.

You canplant them across the bed and use them for height and then dosmaller ones in between.

I love it.

Let’s do it, let’s put themin the truck.


Let’s go Darren, get it done.

I reallythink we’ve made the right decision in choosing Bromeliadplants to really bring some curb appeal and that wow factor tothe front of our building.

(Music)It’s a really big day today here for U.



They’re finallylaying the asphalt and we’re very excited to see it all cometogether.

It’s a madhouse of activity, it’s a totallygorgeous day.

We’ve got rollers, pavers, a truck full of asphalt.

It’s all gonna happen and I’m so excited to watch.

So we made it.

So we made it.

So we finally made it.


We’re up forinspections of course.


But, we’re here and there’s so muchgoing on today and, but I’m so excited that we’re gonna have abrand new parking lot.

Yes, it’ll be pretty, as pretty as aparking lot can be, that’s what we’re gonna be.

And in thiscase, it’s a beautiful parking lot, that’s also environmentallygreen.

The biggest way you’re gonna see the uniqueness on thisproject is our material that we use for our sealcoat.

To betterprotect the asphalt and to give it more longevity, more life init, you sealcoat it.

You place the sealcoat, and the sealcoatis what seals the asphalt from the outer elements.

We figuredout a few years ago how to liquify tire rubber.

It’s ablacker finish – it’s a more satin finish.

It’ll last 18times longer, than regular sealcoat.

The green side of it,on this parking lot alone, will recycle about 215 tires.

Thegreening of the Brandstar campus is just getting started.

As the4 Evergreen trucks roll in, filled with palm trees and plantlife.

Bromeliads are planted at the front entrance, for thatsplash of color.

And the holes are dug for the majestic SabalPalms to stand tall overhead.

The first thing you see is thelandscaping, even before you enter the building.

So, we wannagive you that wow factor.

Today we’re installing the Hardwoodtrees and some palms.

We have some silver Buttonwoods thatwe’re planting right here, and then behind us is the greenButtonwoods.

So it’s a little contrast.

You’ll plant one ofthese and then according to the scale of the drawing, every inchis equal to 20 feet, so the next one is gonna go on center 20feet from this one.

Nearly every type of grass, tree, andfoliage, you can imagine is being planted today.

And ourexterior is coming alive.

4 Evergreen has truly lived up toits name with this canopy of green around Brandstar.

So as night falls and the outdoor lighting by Acuity,lights up the parking lot, next to a beaming Brandstar logo, theday we’ve all been waiting for finally arrives.

There’s stillsome final touches to be done in the morning before the grandopening of this office space.

Ever Green Irrigation is back tofinish up with the irrigation for our new landscaping.



Pave created the curbing and they are now adding pavers tothe crosswalk, and re-striping the parking spaces.

And FollettCorporation has sent ice machines to be installed in thekitchen to help keep us cool for the big party.

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