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Japanese garden design guide

Hi and welcome back to Garden Ninja today I've brought myself down to London to the Kyoto gardens which is a great example of traditional Japanese garden What I'm going to do today is to give some tips how to create your own japanese garden at home.

come on let's get cracking so the first tip for japanese garden design is to follow the principle of nature trying to keep the design and the materials as natural as possible japanese garden design isn't about modernity it's about taking nature and reducing it or stylizing it to fit your garden space which is why japanese garden design is excellent for small spaces you can take symbols and trees and reduce them by using certain cultivars or species making it look natural on a much smaller scale The second tip is careful use of trees and shrubs not only can this keep the garden looking natural, but you can also use trees to screen off undesirable parts of the garden or even to lead the visitors around the garden using it at points of interest structure evergreen shrubs are also fantastic and giving year round colourr and the benefit of this is you can prune them to keep them small in size still giving that naturalist look.

The third tip would be to include a water feature in your garden now this could be moving water such as a natural waterfall or even a still pond water to show reflection and calm.

The one thing that it should be is natural to make sure it's in scale with the garden the last thing you want is a humongous waterfall in a tiny garden it just looks completely unrealisitic.

Rocks feature heavily in Japanese garden design whether the rocks are there to symbolize nature in the form of mountains or more spiritual side such as the passing between heaven and earth and the bridge between.

The advice would be to group rocks together maybe in threes fives to get a better structure and overall effect.

Lastly the tip would be if you're going to use statues and buildings make sure they're in keeping with the scale of the garden.

Thing like pergolas or a tea houses are fantastic if you've only got a small space you may need to pair them back slightly so they dont overwhelmed the overall look of the garden Again they should be good structural pieces but not take away from the natural feeling the garden.

So the Japanese design is trying to mimic nature that's why you're not going to find things like squared ponds ,fountains and big metallic structures or anything like that and the use of water always used in a natural setting.

This is really key to japanese garden design.

Mimicing nature bringing zen and tranquility to the garden space I've been Garden Ninja and if you like this clip and why not subscribe to my youtube channel to see more clips the garden design a garden hints and tips thanks for watching and I'll see you again soon.

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Natural Home Decorating Tips : Environmentally Safe Products for the Home

The biggest challenge in decorating your homeis finding out what really is good.

There are a number of products on the market thatare extremely toxic and in my mind should not be sold to the public.

Products that theyknow have formaldehyde and all these adhesives and glues are extremely toxic.

They are linkedto all kinds of cancers and personally I wouldn’t have them in my home.

Anything that is boundwith glues and stuff, those are the most toxic.

Paints and paint thinners are something youhave to be really careful about, and there are lots of choices on the market and that’swhat I’m going to do here today is show you the choices, the options you have to decorateyour home with, natural healthy supplies, materials.

We have everything from solid woolcarpet rugs, which are made out of all wool, we have flooring that is made from bamboo,we have flooring that is made from cork, we have throw rugs which I really encourage peopleto not have wall to wall carpeting in their home, to use natural floor rugs, throw rugs,like cecil, hemp, 100% cotton, organic cotton, silk, there’s linen, leather, there’sa number of options to use on your floor.

We have everything from water based paintsyou can use on your walls.

It’s not just brown and more brown, there’s blues, there’sgreens, there’s oranges, there’s reds, there’s yellows.

Every color in the spectrumyou need that is water based and healthy for you to use, you just have to go out and searchfor it.

There’s all glass tiles that are made from recycled glass, so, in helping theenvironment by being recycled, it’s also a beautiful product.

It’s being used twice,it’s not just something that stayed around one time, it’s being used twice and youcan incorporate that in, it’s all healthy, it’s solid glass.

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Natural Home Decorating Tips : Recycled Tile for Natural Home Design

Now we’re going to talk a little bit aboutthe recycled products.

The terrazzo type countertop material is usually a ¼ inch, you can evenorder it thicker than the ¼ inch, ½ inch, and it does have to have underlayment so itdoesn’t crack or anything.

But it’s recycled glass, granite, and concrete mixture and it’scompressed together and it does have a mesh in it to hold it together so it’s reallystrong, I mean it’s just as strong as granite.

It’s a wonderful option, it’s beautiful,it looks like natural stone and you can put it anywhere, you can put it in a master bedroom,a master bathroom on the countertops, you can put it in an elegant kitchen on the island.

There’s a number of places this can go.

There’s I think 36 colors in this typicalbrand and there’s lots of other brands out there that make this kind of product.

There’salso the terra classics which are from recycled glass and they have a number of the… here’sthe typical natural colors that are from the earth, and then they’ve gone and expandedand added all the new colors, they’ve got some great colors, the citrine, aquamarine,peridot, sapphire, they even have like a purple sapphire which is a light lavender, and theseare colors, these are like decorator colors and they’re still in you know, you can usesomething like this recycled glass tile.

You can also use something like this one here,it’s a reconstituted concrete, paper, and fly ash in this one.

It’s solid, I’veactually personally not seen this one on counters yet, but with it coated with a sealer it’sbeautiful, it’s got a real smooth solid color to it, and it looks just like a firedclay tile without the ceramic on the top.

You would just have to seal it with a naturalclear sealer.

So that’s one of the other options there.

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Home Interiors Home Decor Color Tutorial

Home Interiors Home Decor Color Tutorial Hi I'm Jill Weadick, personality design specialistand CEO of Home Stylus.

In this video, I'm going to teach you how to find your perfect,unique, personalized colors for your home decorating.

You know there is so much vibrantcolor in nature and the best places to find this vibrant color are flowers.

What I don'twant for you is for you to be overwhelmed by choosing colors for your home.

There areso many choices out there and it can be really overwhelming.

What I want instead for youis that you have a really clear idea of what favorite colors really fit you and your personality.

One of the best ways to do that is by findingabout five different colors of flowers, just bringing them home, putting them in differentjars, different vases.

You live with them for a while maybe a week or so.

Grab yourphone and take pictures of your favorite flowers.

I want you to notice all the different colorsin each flower.

So, each flower is going to have probably 10 different shades of colorjust in that single flower.

So, you have all kinds of options in the color categories.

What you can do from that point is go back to the paint store and choose some differentcolors in that color family, bring them home, play around with the different color varietiesuntil you find some combos that really fit you and your personality.

I hope that was helpful to you.

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Wait a minute.

Check that out.

Isn't that pretty? Yellow, green, purple,it's beautiful.

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