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Easy Yard Fence Designs

Yard fences are used to keep in pets, to createa feeling of privacy or to add security for children.

Some fences are simply cosmetic, added toenhance the house and garden.

When installing a fence it is important tomake sure you know where your land boundary is.

Yard fence designs in wood are commonly usedto create privacy and also block noise from neighbors.

Wooden fences are not only pleasant to lookat, but come in a variety of designs and color stains.

They can be designed without gaps, resultingin a solid wood façade, or they can be gapped.

Vinyl fence do the same job as a wooden one,for those who don’t really like the style of wood.

If you wish to keep dogs in (or out!) and/orcreate a secure space for your children, a chain link fence is an economical option.

These can be very tall and with a gate ifrequired.

Chain link doesn’t block out light or soundthe way a wooden fence will.

However some feel chain link fences are notvery attractive, nor do they blend as pleasantly as a wood one.

Some yard fence designs are mainly to addan accent to the house design and garden.

In this case picket fences are quite common.

Lattice work and ornate iron or wood can improvethe look of your property dramatically, and may even add value to your house.

The type of material used will determine thecost.

If you have a limited budget, you can stillmake your fence attractive by growing creeping plants up them.

Alternatively you could plant a hedge or aflower bed to accommodate tall plants and flowers.

When building a fence you should also considerhow the height and position may affect light coming into your garden.

Perhaps a tall fence may provide welcome shadeor block light to the garden that you have enjoyed having.

This consideration may influence your fencechoice.

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How to Plan a Bigger, Better Garden – Easy Vegetable Garden Planning

The importance of planning at the start of a growing season can’t be overemphasized.

Before you so much as lift a rake, considering what you’re going to grow where, and crucially, when you’re going to sow or plant it, will help you to get the most from your garden.

In this video, we’ll show you how to plan for your most successful growing season yet.

It pays to take time to get to know your garden.

For instance, observing where the shade falls in your garden will help you to pick the right plant for the right place.

Tender crops like tomatoes, peppers and squash will thrive in a sunny part of the garden, while leafy greens and many fleshy herbs and salads will prefer a part-shaded area, particularly in hot climates.

In a sunny garden, pockets of shade can be created by growing taller plants in front of shorter ones – for instance, we can grow these sunflowers in front of these lettuces.

Planning in this way also flags up variations in wind exposure, essential for ensuring healthy plants.

For example climbing beans can get damaged in a windy area, while corn – which is pollinated by light wind – may be a better choice for this spot.

Keeping track of what you plan to grow where makes crop rotation a lot simpler.

Rotating crops from the same family to a new bed each year reduces the chances for pests and diseases to build up in the soil and it helps to keep the soil in great condition.

To help you do this, our Garden Planner flashes red any areas that were previously occupied by plants from the same crop rotation family so you know to place it elsewhere.

Different crops place different demands on the soil.

Cabbage for example is a very hungry plant so it’s a good idea to grow it after beans or peas which will actually help to enrich the soil by fixing nitrogen.

Once you’ve harvested your cabbages the soil will be less rich, so you could replant with root crops such as carrots which don’t need high fertility to thrive.

Once you’ve chosen what you’d like to grow it will help to know when everything can be sown, planted and harvested.

A good garden plan will include key dates of these activities so nothing is missed out or forgotten as the season gets busier.

This is where our Garden Planner comes into its own.

Having decided where to position everything, you can then click on the accompanying Plant List to see exactly when to sow indoors, sow or plant outdoors, and harvest based on climate data for your location.

The Garden Planner will even send you timely sowing and planting reminders twice a month to help keep you on track.

The Garden Planner also shows precisely how many plants you’ll need for the space you have available, so you know the minimum number to sow or plant – plus of course some spares.

It also means you can buy just the right number of seed containers, potting soil and plant supports so you’ll have them to hand when you need them rather than rushing out last minute – and that means no more over-spending in all the excitement! Proper planning means you can keep your plot as productive as possible for as long as possible, so as one crop’s finished, another is waiting in the wings to replace it.

The Garden Planner’s Succession Planting tool makes planning this easy.

Start by setting the months that each plant will be growing in your garden.

You can then view your plan in a specific month to see where gaps appear as crops are harvested.

Let’s select July.

You can see there’s now a few spaces, including where the early potatoes had been growing.

We can filter the selection bar.

to show plants suitable for setting out in July.

Now it’s just a matter of choosing a crop – this Swiss chard for example – and dropping it into the space.

That simple bit of planning has doubled the number of harvests we’lll get from the same piece of ground.

Planning your garden should be top of any gardener’s to-do list because it saves time, money and unnecessary disappointment.

Working out the best layout for your crops can be hugely satisfying, and it sets you up for success.

Let us know what you’ve got planned by dropping us a comment below.

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I’ll catch you next time.


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32 Cheap and Easy Home Decor DIY

Your dream home is just a weekend projectaway.

We brag this video 32 Easy DIY Upgrades ThatWill Make Your Home Look More Expensiveby Peggy Wang and other sources.

Here's you'll learn howto camouflage your TV like a living Harry Potter paintingsand how to place your rug properly and professionally.

You are probably doing it wrong.

And no one tell you that.


Paint your vinyl or linoleum flooring.

With a single DIY link, you can turn a common vinyl floor Like this.

to this one.


Add cheap framed mirrors to closet doors,painted to match.

The mirrors now suddenly look like they arebuilt in! 3.

Use tab curtains to cover up unsightlywire shelving.


I can't be only person on earth who think a garage is a magnet for junk.

The garage is an enigma to me.

We clean it and then suddenly it is a disasteragain.

Well, we are finally able to upper hand it.


Basket-weave your drapes.

I am Sorry, if it would be harder than it looks here.


Add a simple hardware to your curtain tie-backs.

You can get brass snap hooks for around $2 at any hardware store.


Hide your television wires in a showercurtain rod.

Credit to freshcrush.

Com 7.

Use brackets to decorate a window thatdoesn't need to be covered up with curtains.


Use napkin rings and ribbons to prettyup your shower curtain.

Or just tie them right onto the shower curtainrod.

Anyway…A perfect solution if the rings were getting kinda rusty.


Mix and match your sheer curtains.

It will look especially dreamy in a teenage girl's bedroom.


Know where to place your rug.

For example, I've found that most people that use an area rug in their bedroom are either using the wrong size, or are placing in incorrectly under the bed.

Here's a diagram to scale using a queen sized bed and an 8 X 10 rug: Do this, Instead of this Let's take a look at the diagram for diningroom rugs.

Push those chairs out like you were going to sit down, and buy a rug larger than that space Trust me, you and your guests will be much happier.

NEXT, As far as living rooms go, this is a diagramthat shows a pretty common type of layout, furniture-wise: the rule of thumb is to put the front legsof the couch or chairs on the rug, and it still creates a separate and moreintimate space that way 11.

Decorate your fridge with washi tape or spray paint.

From theeverygirl.



Paint faux windows on your garage door.

From conventional white garage door, to this look, and finally this one.

from twopeasinabucket.


Frame your TV.

Disguise that Flat Screen! Most of us have faced a dilemma of what todo about the all important TV when we are decorating our home.

It's not an easy thing to get past as a designer.

Some designers won't even allow them in theirdesign unless they are fully enclosed and hidden!However, We know you and your family live in the realworld, and if you are like me, you want to have easyaccess to your TV, or have it available for the kids withoutsome big production.

Remodelaholic have a great tutorial for you.

This takes just simple power tools and basic carpentry skills.

They chose re-purposed wood for theirs, and we love this! The idea would look great in almost any stylehome, from industrial chic to Pottery Barn traditional.

Feel free to choose whatever framing material fits your style and budget.

Check out the do it yourself Tutorial inside info And another great tutorial from Tommy & Ellie on how to build this custom TV frame.

Here are more ideas.

And if building a frame isn't in your skillset, we have some more great ideas for disguising the TV! This is a great example of turning the TVinto art! Notice how the color of the frame around the TV ties in with the other artwork! from decoratingyoursmallspace.

Com 14.

Attach some simple yarn tassels to yourbedskirt.

Fancy bedding can be so expensive.

Get this straight-out-of-Anthropologie look by buying or making tassels and attachingthem to your bedskirt.

To make the tassels, you'll only need: 1.

Yarn (Lion Brand – 81 yard skein made 6 tassels) 2.

Something to wrap your yarn around that is the desired length of your tassel ( a clipboard worked perfect for these 8 inches tassels ).

and, 3.


Click DIY link we pasted.

and you'll get 7 easy to follow steps that won't break your sweat.

Thanks to holly from sister suit case and tatertotsandjello for the idea 15.

Use a cake stand for your kitchen sinkneeds.


Cover up an unsightly air vent with a rubber doormat.

Give your decorative outdoor rubber mat anew life.

When searching for a rubber door mat, try to find one that allows plenty of airflow, meaning that the door mat has a large amountof space in between the rubber sections.


Just a coat of spray paint will make oldair vents look new again.

A can of primer and a can of metallic spraypaint will cover at least 10 of your vents.


Hang curtain rods to create a makeshift canopy bed.

A super simple DIY by Michelle Adams, Editor in Chief of Lonny Magazine, it's feeling almost within reach! She simply drilled West Elm Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods into her ceiling with 6 panels of her favorite fabric hanging from them.

Of course she chose very fine fabric and a soft velvet as a lining, but I'd be glad withIKEA curtains! 19.

Accent ceilings are the new accent walls.

One of the most under decorated spaces inhouses tends to be the ceiling.

Unless you live in an older home blessed with beams, tin, and, or ornate moldings, it is rare to see anything today beyond white paint andcrown molding.

An inexpensive ways to add character to yourhouse.

Instead of adding the color to the walls,painted the ceiling and see what happened.


Inexpensive craft store frames fit perfectlyaround your light switch covers.

started with regular switch plates that youhave in your home.

The good news is: you can mess them up, theyare cheap to replace.

This is the hard part.

Finding frames that fit what you want to do.

I suggest taking your plates with you andholding the frames against them right in the store If you are great at “mitering”, and wantto make them all uniform, you can always use pieces of trim to create the frame.

Next,glued them onto the plates using Krazy Glue.

As with all products, please follow safetydirections found on the package.

Next spray painted them.

Again, please readinstruction on the can.

Use a face mask and spray in a well-ventilated area.

Lastly, sprayed a gloss clear top coat.

Oncethey were nice and dry, put the covers on the switches like you normally would.

I couldn't be happier with the results! Of course, Now, I think I need to paint my trim.

but that's for another time.


Decorative Punched Metal Ceiling LightShade A decor idea of Corinna from For My Love Of.


Supplies Needed:E-6000, Spray adhesive,Clothespins, Sheet(s) of decorative punched metal,Contact Paper or Wide Painter's Tape, Styrene Lighting Panel,Parchment Paper, Dremel Tool with Cutting Disk,1 (16 inch) Bottom Wire Ring (lamp shade making kind).

1 (16 inch) Top Washer Wire Ring (lamp shade making kind).

and 11 inch straight pipe (lamp making kind) ifworking with the standard “boob light”.

if you're working with a semi-flushmount“boob light”, then you may not need any straight pipe.

The process requires little muscle.

To get a nice punched metal ceiling light shade like this.

You have to follow 7 instructions completedwith photos and manuals.

Fresh your Mind!,Before you take this challenge.

You'll have a rough road a head.


Use a curved shower curtain rod to makea window look bigger.

It's called balloon drapery and it will makeany living room look just GRAND.


Fascinating,Liquid stainless steel paint exists, Click the DIY link under this video and youwill know how to update your kitchen look with some stainless steel paint upgrade.


Half-painted walls give the illusion ofa taller ceiling.


If you're going for a rustic look, planking a wall is a cheap and easy weekend project.

Do I like the color? No.

Does it matter? No.

I knew it was getting painted, so I didn't care one bit.

Plus, it was super cheap.

The entire walls worth of wood cost us only$28.


"Nice Bargain".

SUPPLIES needed: 1 x 6 Fence Boards, Saw, (Chop Saw, Miter Saw, Table Saw or even a Radial Saw will work) Sanding Block, Construction Adhesive, Spacers, (Quarters worked perfect) Paint and Paint Brush,and, Trim.

Learn how someone done the job at fox hollow cottage.


This insanely simple window shade is magnetic, movable, and no-sew.

First thing:Grabbed a brightly colored fabric remnant from Joann's.

And decided that it would be the perfect project to try out fabric glue.

And magnets, of course.

then folded down the top edge and spaced fourmagnets right under the fold and glued them.

used scratch paper underneath so the gluewouldn't stick to the table.

Next,Glued, a bit of green ribbon across the seam to give it support Last step, Pom Poms! Love them.

The world could definitely use more pom poms.

And,this little window covering was begging for pom poms.

It's simple, just glued a string of white to the bottomedge of the blind and done.

Few inches of the bottom of the window uncovered so some light would still stream in.


Un-stain and re-stain your furniture.

Getting the stain off a piece of furnitureis surprisingly easy.

Stripped the drawers with Citri-strip Spray stripper.

Let it work a while to loose the old finish.

Then strip it off with plastic scraper.

Continue to link we provided under this videoto find the result and how to DIY it right.


Framing your bathroom mirror will makeit “sit” nicely with the rest of your decor.

Especially, if you're going for a rustic style.

Get full directions from craftsmandrive.



Update your kitchen backsplash by using 3D gel-like tiles that are actually peel and stick.

Get it for 7,48 $ per quantity.

More or less.


Cover your unsightly cords with suedecording you can buy at any craft store.

Turn your mainstream black electrical cordto a custom cord with sense of humor using some red sueded cording bought at JoAnn'sfor less than $2.

This little tweak has 5 easy steps you canfollow anytime.

Check description to know more.


Add a strip of trim a bit above alreadyexisting baseboards, paint between, and you get faux thick baseboards! Chunky molding on the cheap.

Little complex indeed.

But, relax, the houseof smiths got you covered.

Few slides here just preview.


Add molding + shelving to the top of yourkitchen cabinets.

The extra storage is an awesome bonus, but it also adds an extra level of polish to your kitchen Not recommended for seasonal crafter.

if you the pro, you'll have 9 steps or challengesto follow.

Tutorial and photos are provided by familyhandy man.

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