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The Incredible Details Into House and Home Decorating Most People Do Not Know About

Assess the area and attempt to locate a design that is appropriate to the room in addition to to the general look of the home. Initially, you must pinpoint which room you would like to improve. Choose items regarding the room that you’re working on. If you will remodel the living space and the dining space, go for paper wallpaper. Though the bedroom is only one part of the home it can’t be in extreme contrast to the total ambiance of the home. On the opposite hand a 1 bedroom, single floor home would appear strange on a lot that’s two acres or bigger.

Designing a house also doesn’t have to be complicated. Is critical that you are feeling happy and refreshed in your home. Before living in the house it must be furnished. If you prefer to buy a Cape Cod home, then you must see that the price gamut of these houses varies with regard to the features, place, size, and age of the home. There are plenty of things that you can pick up inexpensively to present your home the look you need but you have to consider beyond the box. When building a new house, there are numerous things you’ll want to think about carefully.

Go at your own pace and think what sort of design that you truly need to incorporate in your home. The house you opt to reside in is more than just somewhere to hang your hat. Designing our own houses is quite practical, fun to do, and isn’t really really hard to do. Whether you’re planning to construct a new home or renovating your present house for happy living, it is irrelevant because in interior design there’s something which can be added or something which can be modified to create things beautiful and better. It isn’t supposed to remain in your new house long term. If you prefer a beautifully designed house which you dream about, then decorate your home with something innovative.

Whatever They Told You About House and Home Decorating Is Dead Wrong…And Here’s Why

You only have to pick the perfect ornament and it can do without all these decorations around. The decorations don’t always must be expensive because several affordable decoration ideas are able to make your place seem beautiful. If you begin to go bored of the decoration, you may always ensure it is fresh and exciting by making little alterations. Interior decoration is a rather broad category based on the operator’s decorating preferences. It is the art of decorating a house or a room to make it attractive, easy to use and functions well with the existing architecture. It is one of the parts of the architecture. Interior decorating is a trying action to do.

House and Home Decorating Options

We often place a lot of work in decorating the home as you need to reside in a lovely and comfortable residence. It’s possible to even take help of home decorators to generate your children room appear attractive and fascinating. Next, the important work of decorating your home will start.

House and Home Decorating – Is it a Scam?

It’s also advisable to try to do away with some items so the place does not seem cluttered. Among the most important places in your home would become your bedroom. Among the most economical methods for refreshing the appearance of the house is painting it fresh. In regards to great dwelling decorating ideas, it is necessary to bear in mind that decorating isn’t only about the inside of your house. For making your house appear beautiful, there may not be any substitute of Christmas lights.

Lush Landscape Design, Parking Lot Construction, Outdoor Lighting Solutions, & Ice Machines

As an interior designer, my work isn’t finished just onthe interior.

We need to do the outside as well.

I need to redothe parking lot and landscaping because I rezoned this buildingfrom a manufacturing plant into an office space, which requiresa lot more parking.

For Mark, first impressions are critical,and there’s a lot of work to be done to bring some curb appeal.

First off, before my design plan for this space can even getunderway, demolition of the old concrete is needed, as well asremoval of invasive trees surrounding the parking lot.

Forthis, I’ve turned to Darren, from 4 Evergreen Landscaping,and Nick and Edgard from U.


Pave, to get the job done.

It’sall under the careful eye of Construction Site Supervisor,Mark Furman.

For remodeling the existing parking lot it is veryimportant we don’t disturb any utilities in the ground as weremove trees, and this way U.


Pave can get started on theright foot also.

When Kalyn first came to us, you know, hermain objective was to do the best job possible.

They’re gonnaspend all this focus, time and energy inside the building andon the outside of the building, there needs to be that sameamount of focus and energy put into the parking lot area.

Allthe existing concrete poles you guys will be removing and thenwe have new poles that will be going in.

We have some existingconcrete poles and lighting that are being removed andwe’re putting insome new aluminum poles and Acuity lighting, whichis really nice LED lighting.

There’s a few differentlocations for our photo metrics on the parking lot so we’reproperly lit and evenly lit all the way around.

So, thedemolition and tree removal work is complete.

And now begins theactual site work to create a new parking lot and landscaping forBrandstar.

It will mean a lot of people working onsite at once,and hopefully staying out of each others way.

We have so manymoving parts and pieces with the exterior portion of thisbuilding.

We have the painters, the landscapers, the pavers, thesignage.

It’s a lot of moving parts and pieces and I’m reallyhoping that everyone can work together.

You have thelandscaper who’s putting new landscape in, and U.


Pave,obviously is doing the restructuring and recreating thenew parking lot.

The electrician, we need tocoordinate with him because he has conduits running through theparking lot.

So, I was only too happy when Edgard and Nick, andhis wife, Hillary, from U.


Pave,assured me that they would take care of every aspect of turningthis old parking lot into a dazzling new parking area foremployees.

We’re gonna take care of every inch of the parkinglot.

From the moment you step out onto the sidewalk – that’sall U.



Before any asphalt can be laid; however,the soil deep beneath the parking lot must be properlyprepared for density tests and the addition of lime rock.

Wetest the sub grade first to make sure the the sub grade is strongenough to carry the load, then obviously, we make sure that thebase rock also is very strong.

The asphalt is just the makeupon the pretty face.

You know what I mean? If the soilunderneath the asphalt is not compacted properly then thesoil, obviously, will shift with time as it settles down.

And,the asphalt will crack and we will develop cracks on theasphalt.

The ultimate goal of U.


Pave is to provide aparking lot that is stable and it looks good.

Not only just inappearance but also technically as a solid parking lot.

The newarchitecture on the building and the paint colors on the signagecan only take you so far for curb appeal.

So, it’s reallyimportant that we nail the landscaping and get it right.

So, I’m excited to see what you brought for me today.

Let’s runthrough it and tell me some of your thoughts and your proposal.

OK, since we’re talking about the entrance, we thought wewould use Bromeliads, they give you a lot of color, textures.

They look good all year.

So, we thought we would use them forthe entrance so you have a lot of impact there.

OK, in conceptI love it.

I love the black rocks – I love the pavers, andthe Bromeliad, I love that idea.

My vision here is to have a lotof impact when you come in, on the buildings, at the buildingat the entrance, and I think what we’re gonna do is we’regonna get color from the foliage rather than flowers, so thingslook the same all year.

So, I just met with Darren and Oscarback at the office and they showed me a wide variety ofBromeliads.

Now they told me that they got them from a placein Southwest Ranches, Florida, called Sunshine BromeliadsNursery, which specializes only in Bromeliads.

Owner, RolandoRodriguez, is quick to explain why he thinks Bromeliads makethe perfect landscape for an office space.

You know, when aclient comes into your office you wanna give that wow factor.


And the Bromeliads give that with all the different typeof colors.

So, with Darren joining us at the nursery, itwas the perfect time to choose the exact Bromeliads needed forthe office space entrance.

This is a plant that I wouldrecommend you guys use.

It’s the Alcantarea Imperialis.

What Ilike about it, especially in the corporate environment, forliability purpose I guess, it has, it doesn’t have any spines.


It’s spineless and it gives an incredible bloom that’s like6-feet high, that will be very very nice.

Wow, OK.

You canplant them across the bed and use them for height and then dosmaller ones in between.

I love it.

Let’s do it, let’s put themin the truck.


Let’s go Darren, get it done.

I reallythink we’ve made the right decision in choosing Bromeliadplants to really bring some curb appeal and that wow factor tothe front of our building.

(Music)It’s a really big day today here for U.



They’re finallylaying the asphalt and we’re very excited to see it all cometogether.

It’s a madhouse of activity, it’s a totallygorgeous day.

We’ve got rollers, pavers, a truck full of asphalt.

It’s all gonna happen and I’m so excited to watch.

So we made it.

So we made it.

So we finally made it.


We’re up forinspections of course.


But, we’re here and there’s so muchgoing on today and, but I’m so excited that we’re gonna have abrand new parking lot.

Yes, it’ll be pretty, as pretty as aparking lot can be, that’s what we’re gonna be.

And in thiscase, it’s a beautiful parking lot, that’s also environmentallygreen.

The biggest way you’re gonna see the uniqueness on thisproject is our material that we use for our sealcoat.

To betterprotect the asphalt and to give it more longevity, more life init, you sealcoat it.

You place the sealcoat, and the sealcoatis what seals the asphalt from the outer elements.

We figuredout a few years ago how to liquify tire rubber.

It’s ablacker finish – it’s a more satin finish.

It’ll last 18times longer, than regular sealcoat.

The green side of it,on this parking lot alone, will recycle about 215 tires.

Thegreening of the Brandstar campus is just getting started.

As the4 Evergreen trucks roll in, filled with palm trees and plantlife.

Bromeliads are planted at the front entrance, for thatsplash of color.

And the holes are dug for the majestic SabalPalms to stand tall overhead.

The first thing you see is thelandscaping, even before you enter the building.

So, we wannagive you that wow factor.

Today we’re installing the Hardwoodtrees and some palms.

We have some silver Buttonwoods thatwe’re planting right here, and then behind us is the greenButtonwoods.

So it’s a little contrast.

You’ll plant one ofthese and then according to the scale of the drawing, every inchis equal to 20 feet, so the next one is gonna go on center 20feet from this one.

Nearly every type of grass, tree, andfoliage, you can imagine is being planted today.

And ourexterior is coming alive.

4 Evergreen has truly lived up toits name with this canopy of green around Brandstar.

So as night falls and the outdoor lighting by Acuity,lights up the parking lot, next to a beaming Brandstar logo, theday we’ve all been waiting for finally arrives.

There’s stillsome final touches to be done in the morning before the grandopening of this office space.

Ever Green Irrigation is back tofinish up with the irrigation for our new landscaping.



Pave created the curbing and they are now adding pavers tothe crosswalk, and re-striping the parking spaces.

And FollettCorporation has sent ice machines to be installed in thekitchen to help keep us cool for the big party.

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Small space garden design |Laurin Lindsey & Shawn Schlachter |Central Texas Gardener

We're now going to be focusing on howyou can create really creative wonderful small space gardens, and we're joined bya team of folks from Houston who are specialists to doing just that.

Houston is a booming town, big city with lots of people and lots of opportunity for smallspace gardens.

I'm joined by friends from Raven's Court Landscaping andDesign in Houston.

Laurin Lindsey, welcome, and Shawn Schlachter, great to have you here.

Thank you.

There are so many things you can do with tight spaces, and we're going to showpeople a lot of different kinds of things, but let's just talk about some ofthe opportunities that small spaces provide to homeowners.

So, in small spaces what you get intois, you have definite limitations.

In any yard, you're going to have limitations, but asmall space is very obvious, so often times we'll come in and thensomeone will try to put lawn in a three foot space, and it's going to die withinthree months, and you have to water, and no one wants to really mow the yard,especially when it's a hundred degrees outside.

So, what Laurin's really good at ismaking the details so that people are encouraged to go out into their yard.

And it's really an addition to the indoor living space, isn't it? Absolutely.

Almost from the get-gowhen I meet the people after they filled out the questionnaire and I'm kind oflistening and looking at the architecture, I try to manage expectations and buildconcepts, so I do present it as, you know, let's make this a courtyard because a tiny space can be a nice large courtyard where it's a tiny backyard, so if we shift our perception tocourtyard and we work on green walls and water features and maybe some kitchengarden areas and seating, so they can sit outthere and enjoy it, electricity so they can have fans, things likethat.

So right from the beginning I try to wrap theirmind and see their reaction, and then when I take it away, I know Ifeel pretty comfortable to go in a direction for them.

Well, it's really an outdoor room, isn't it?Absolutely, so it's bringing their idea to where, instead of saying they're not going to play kickball out there,they're not gonna play tennis or anything.

If you put them in the space, and then when they see it divided out it, so it's amazing how much larger thespace feels when you put seating out there when you do fountains and things likethat and bring everything to scale.

Well there's no rules against children and small gardens, but a lot of your clients are actually adults without children in the household, so you're planning for their needs.


We live in the center of Houston, three miles from downtown.

Well, they're taking out the older homes and putting in town homes, series of townhomes, and they always add some little garden space, but they're usually mud orgrass.

And then people are missing their big gardens, but then they don't want todo a lot of maintenance.

All right, well you use a lot of hardscapecreatively.

You use shelters you create shade.

You have reflective screens, allsorts of cool things that we're going to be talking about.

I reference the factthat we have some before and after pictures, and the first one I'd like totalk about is one, it has one of my favorite plants in it, so I locked intothat.

It's a river birch, but this is a, is this a full home or is this atownhome? This is a full home, but it's hard totell because what they've done is they've taken an old Victorian house andkind of blown out the back, which a lot of people are doing.

The land's not cheap,so they want to make the most use if they can, so half of the yard is is a garage, so it's kind of narrow space, and sowhat we wanted to do is create elevation, and what we'll see in the pictures isthere's a lot of raised beds.

Yeah and raised beds are kind of a themewith y'all.

You use them a lot and for kitchen gardens and those sorts ofthings right? And they can sort of, if you had a really large gatheringin a small space, they can be a perching wall, maybe notseating wall, or you know as people get older and they don't want to benddown, they can have it raised up a bit and sit and weed and plant and so tryingto think of functionality and long-term.

Well, I love the organization of the space.

It really does, it has kind of aformality to it, but it's also a place where I can see hanging out with friends,you know? So that's an important function for alot of your clients, I'm assuming, is entertainment.

Absolutely, I mean, it's an urban, a lotof oil and gas people that are, you know, they actually have moved from the suburbsinto we live in the heights, on purposebecause you can walk.

There is local rep, kind of little bitof Austin right in the middle of Houston.

So that same flavor.

They want to be out.

They want to enjoy life.

Well and you're giving them thatopportunity.

Instead of swatting mosquitoes in the St.

Augustine lawn, they're going out to a kind of a gracious patio, which is really awesome.

The next before and after I want to showis a one that's a narrow townhome, and you do something really clever here tohide the air conditioning, including some mirror screens.

Tell meabout the mirror screen.

So we found, Laurin found, she's really good at sourcing materials,it's an outdoor related material, so it's a plexiglass that we stacked together andthen we hide the seams.

You may be able to see in the pictures with thelattice we use.

So it works for several reasons.

One, it gives you the trickof the eye where you see the mirrors, so you don't notice the wall or the ACbehind it.

Plus it provides some sound dampening,and then any screen also gives a bit deeper sense of space, and we'll see inthe pictures.

Well and again very clever way to kindof, and a lot of times in side yards to get an AC unit or some kind offunctional piece of the house that you really don't want to look at, so screen those off.

It is important, but it's also the, gives you a way to help organize the space, you know it you you can break down the space with this, and I think that's really important.

You also use a variety of interesting materials, but the brick is one of your favorite materials.

We really like brick.

Brick is relatively inexpensive, and then we often use it asa veneer, so on patios it's a different set, but when it's on raised beds, we have a cinder block structure underneath.

And then it gets a nice older, old-world feel.

Sure, you know, and it develops apatina over time.

It kind of mellows in a way that's really great.

And everythingoutside in Houston patinas.

That's a nice way of saying it.

That's the truth, here Austin, too, I'mafraid.

That's certainly true, but again great spaces and somethingthat would age really gracefully over time.

The next garden I want to take a lookat is one where you had a client who had a little bit of a backyard, but they were building in town home next to it that was going to stare down into her houseand into her garden, so what was your answer there? Well, what Laurin is really good at isvisualizing what's going to happen in the future, so for her, we knew that there was going to be townhomes behind this unit, and so before we evengot in, what we saw was the level dirt, so Lauren created a pergola with very little offset on the roofing, so that creates privacy without feelingoppressive.

It's very little, also.

There's still slots, you can see.

Absolutely, so if you look straight up, it's about a fifty percent blockage of the sky, but at any angle from the windows of theneighbors, you can't see underneath, so it gives us a sense of privacy even thoughshe's being stared down on by the other neighbor.

And the create models that we used as a screen towards the back to continue the privacy are onlygoing to be like 15 to 20 feet, so easy to manage.

I don't like to trim them much, but she can move them up a little bit, but wejust soften it, and I sort of tend to when I get to a space put the patio far from the house.

On purpose because I want them to go because otherwise they're just not going to go back there, and then aswe bring this design towards the house to marry the spaces, make it really funto walk from one space to the other, but the yard then becomes bigger in my mind, and I think that's really true in that particular one.

It's a very graceful kind of addition.

It provides a roof and a sense of a room.

A great thing to have in the garden.

Now there's another space I wanted tofocus in on because this is one of those super narrow spaces, and you've built insome seating here, and you know I think almost every suburban house hasone of these dreadful little side yards, right, but here you've done something socreative with it.

Yeah when I walked in there I went oh my.

What am I going to do? It's like six feet with like 30 feet.

Oh, and she has, the utilities cut intoher yard, so we, the one was a boxed out.

We boxed out the other and made a seating bench when the arms, I think of them as arms, are herb beds.

Took down part of the fence put in lattice so the air can get through and have a different.

I hate to go in those little yards andall you see is picket fence.

You just feel depressed instantly, so if I can change it, I will.

And it blocks the air movement which you referenced, andyou just feel stifling in the space, so much of the time.

We did put cafe lights.

We made special arrangements, so it's the cute space.

It's fun.

Another one, and this is one thing that I think was a dramatictransformation where you were working on the entry is what typical overgrownshrubs air conditioning unit into something that feels gracious and modern.

So in her space she's right off the biketrail, and it's right at the.

In Houston we have the open ditches, so she had nothing redeeming about the front yard, and the plants that the builder put in because they wereinexpensive had overground the space, and that was the only yard space.

The back just goes to an alley, so what Laurin did was cleaned out thespace.

The air conditioner was moved to open up more space and create a patio.

Well, a great job that shows that great things can come in small packages.

Real briefly, Laurin, you write, and youhave a website and a blog where you talk about your gardens.

Real briefly tell ushow people can find that.

Well, our website is www.



Nice and simple, from there you canget to the blog.

There's a button and pictures and other things and lots oforganic information.

We are very informational.

We want to teachpeople and invite them into their spaces and get to know nature, so there's, we have an agenda.

Well good, it sounds like a very positive agenda.

Before the interview you warned me youwere very shy and weren't going to be talking very much.

I want to say your were a great guest.

You're both great guests.

Thank you so much for being a part of our program.

Thank you.

Okay, coming up next is Daphne.

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Dresher Landscape Design | 215-805-1057 | Landscape Design Dresher PA

Passionate About Landscaping owners have over25 years experience in Landscape design.

Serving Dresher PA and Montgomery and Bucks County for over10 years.

At Passionate About Landscaping we're insuredarborist professionals specializing in all aspects of landscaping including design, installationand maintenance for residential and commercialproperties.

We provide custom hardscaping services suchas patios, walkways, pool decks and driveways using only the highest quality materials fromEP Henry Pavers.

Passionate About Landscaping also servicesany custom requests such as Barbecues, firepits, outdoor bars and kitchens, shade structuresand more.

We are Passionate About the all around beautyof your home or business, therefore we also provide lawn maintenance services to ensurethat your lawn stays healthy throughout the year.

We offer all aspects of tree services, includingtree & tree stump removal services as well as tree trimming, pruning and transplanting.

During the landscaping process, we are happyto make any changes that you want done.

We want your complete satisfaction.

This meansfixing any problems, making any changes, and followingthrough on our promises.

We stand behind our work 120%.

This adherenceto quality has given people the confidence to refer us to their friends and family.

Weare grateful for every referral we receive from our happy customers.

For any yard work or landscaping project,trust in Passionate About Landscaping to beautify the exterior of your home or business.

Give Passionate About Landscaping a call today,we’d Love to Discuss Any Projects You Have in Mind, 215-805-1057.

For more information visit our website atPassionate About Landscaping.


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Drought Design for Wildlife Habitat: Bruce McDonald

In Hudson Bend above Lake Travis Dr.

Bruce Mcdonald responded to severedrought.

He replaced his front lawn with waterconserving plants bordered by scavenged rocks.

In back, wildlife spends time withhim in his courtyard garden with ponds replenished by rainwater collection.

Nowa member of the Hudson bend Garden Club, gardening hasn't always been his groundinghobby.

I was recently retired and I have ahandicapped daughter and I have a wife who was very sick at the time so i waspretty much here all the time and had to find something to do that was around the house and so Istarted doing some gardening and the backyard was mostly a jungle and we were having wild fires so I was cutting down the cedar trees and it just left this big desolate area with a slope down to an alleyway.

One of my neighbors and I as a project built a retaining wall a hundred and thirty-five feet long by six feet tall and filled it up with the excavation from swimming pools in the area.

The wall is made out of cinder block andthen it's reinforced with rebar and concrete in the holes in the cinder block and then has acoat of stucco on the top of it.

Since Bruce always has extra pups in divisions he inserts them into cavities on theback side.

Inside the wall, he broke up the empty terrain in to defined destinations with granite walkways.

Then he started filling beds along the route.

i enjoy just playing around with different plants and see what you can do with them and I like planting seeds and seeing them germinate and become plants.

It's kind of like an ongoing sciencefair project for me I just I'm always fiddling with things and seeing howthings work.

Then my wife at the time said she wanted water feature and so westarted making a pond.

Now we have two ponds and we've been on the pond societytwo or three times now.

Dedicated koi ponds are a little more formal if you look at the Japanese they're very, the ponds are more geometric andformal looking.

The ones that are typically water gardens tryto look more natural and so that's the two contrasting styles.

We have a totalof three thousand gallons capacity and the water is replenished by the rainwater collection.

There arelittle float valves that control the water level just one thing leads toanother.

I have a bit of a slogan that isanything worth doing is worth overdoing and this kind of leads credence to that.

The dry stack wall was just rock that came in with the excavation from theswimming pool and also rock that I got from Lake Travis when the water levelswere down I just thought it'd be a nice area for aplanter and something a little different.

So I started stacking up rock and putthe plants in it.

On memorial day we had a flood come through here andwashed all that down the hill and so had to rebuild it.

Now i'm rebuilding it with a littlemortar instead of just dry sack I think that will be a little bit better.

A dry creek bed helps control flooding water.

It's just fun to arrange the rocksbecause these are like bricks that fit together on one pattern or oneof several patterns.

Each rock is different and it's kind of fun to startarranging things and then seeing ok here's a little crevice for some toput a plant and then you look around you find the right plant to put thereand just fun just go out there and start doing something and watch it evolve overtime and it's like taking a lump of clay and modeling and finally coming up withsomething that's the satisfaction of it.

I come out and commune with nature every day and I just I walk around the yard and decide what I want to do andi'll spend an hour or two with that and it's, it's just a nice quiet time to to do alittle yard work and be out here with all you hear is the sound of the water it's just a nice place to be Lattace fencing at the side promotes air flow through the courtyard.

In the sunny side yard Bruce built raised vegetable beds overthe rocky ground for fresh food year round here in transition between seasons.

In front he took out grass, peppering his new entrance with drought heartystructure and charm another dry creek siphons water to theback away from the house.

Curbs also slow water heading to the foundation.

That area initially was all grass and when bought the place and I wasfinding that I was spending three hundred dollars a month on water to justkeep that area in the front growing and I, and then it ended up dying out inthe middle of the summer anyway so i would just say i don't want that and our lake levels are down and there'sno reason that I need to be pouring water on this so I got out there and little bylittle I remove the grass but in decomposed granite and brought rock upfrom lake travis and started putting little rock gardens and that's the look we have out there.

Out by the road there's a little barrier strip there that was between my lawn out there at the time and when I was building that Isaid well I'm not just going to put rock here i'm going to put someplants here and the first thing i found was some cactus that were just sittingout there at the edge of the road right across from my lot and I said I wonder if these will grow if I stick them in the ground here.

They're impossible to kill which is goodfor a gardener like me and then you notice that there are a lot of theagaves.

I have numerous variety of those what I did with those I ran into myneighbors who had them growing and I would tell him you know that would look a lotnicer if it were trimmed up and all those pups were gone and they would sayoh but you know we don't like to do that and ihave the time to do it so I'd go over there my trailer and I clean it up forthem and I'd come back with a trailer load of pups of various types and then I juststick them in the ground and they grow pretty fast it's just a gradual evolution andsometimes so sometimes I'll go around I'll not do anything for a couple weeksthen some week so maybe have a couple hundred transplants and make a few new beds.

I come out in the garden with a cup of coffee in the morning and I say well what am I goingto do today and then I see some area that I want to play with and move andchange and it's always kind of a state of evolution.

I've never had a master plan it's just Igo out and do what feels good that day.

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Landscape Horticulture Western

[ Instructor talking students through the work ] Pete >> Landscape horticulture is such a wide field.

but a lot of what we work with is with plants.

What we do a lot of work on is to to get the right plant in the right place.

I think the students learn best — and welike teaching best — with the hands-on opportunity.

So the more hands-on we can give them, the more they like it, and the more they remember and are able to apply it when they're out in the field.

[ To students: "It's going to get about 30 ft.

tall and only be about.

5 ft.

wide" ] Any campus can be used as a living and learning lab.

[ to students: "what is the value of the wood mulch?" ] And of course in landscape, there's no better opportunity, because everywhere you walk and go, it's a living and learning lab.

Sara >> I chose a technical college because I felt it would be.

appropriate for my career going forward.

It's hands-on, right now, the things that Ineed to learn to go forward in the career that I want to pursue.

I'm learning.

The instructors here have taught me everything.

There's so many different directions you can go.

[ Instructor talking to students ] Pete >> The job market is strong; we can really prepare them well to get the opportunity to knock on that door.

You don't find very many people in the field are not happy; people are happy in this area –because they really love doing what they're doing.

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Front Garden Makeover

Hi and welcome to Garden Ninja today we aregoing to be converting this front drive to a beautiful front garden.

More often thannot, people end up with a sea of tarmac where the front garden is and what I want to dowith Garden Ninja is to show you, you can have both a functioning drive and a fantasticfront garden.

Here's the finished design for the garden that we will be working to whendoing this makeover.

As you can see I've removed quite a lot of the tarmac and put some niceclean formal lines in there, using low hedges and grasses to add movement and some dramato the garden.

There is clear access to the front door, back of the house and side ofthe house and also enough parking for up to 3 cars.

I've now got my team in here who arestarting to cut away the tarmac to prepare for the garden design.

Working to a scaledplan, like the one I showed you before, makes it far easier for both your contractors toquote and to undertake the work because its really clear what needs to be done and where.

Always make sure you use a reputable contractor.

So we are at the end of the first day nowas you can see the garden is starting to take shape now based on the plan.

We have the pathbehind me which has been cut out and the new beds and lawns but unfortunately, it's rainingso we're going to stop for today and carry on tomorrow.

Ok so the hard landscaping isnearly complete as you can see we have the outline of the new garden design the edgingstones are in and the ground has been prepared to the subsoil level.

What I'm going to dotoday is turn over this unusual shaped bed remove any plants that are not staying inthe existing scheme, hopefully rehouse them and give them to someone who would want them,turn over that bed and then get ready to out the sleepers in to build that feature raisedbed.

Lets get cracking! What I am going to do now is break up all the soil from wherethe tarmac has been lifted because over years its been compacted and there is a pan thatsformed in the soil.

A pan is just a really compacted layer of soil but it is really badfor drainage roots and aeration which is what plants need to survive so I'm going to breakit all up, take out any of the bigger rocks and then work it into the soil add compostand topsoil to aerate to remove that pan.

So I have cleared out all the hard landscapedareas now and I'm just about to start putting together the raised beds.

I've spent quitea lot of time now preparing the sub base which is the layer under the top soil and turf I'veremoved a lot of debris, rocks and bits of broken glass and I've levelled it now whatI'm doing is putting on a mix of three quarters top soil to a quarter organic matter.

In thiscase mushroom compost.

What the organic matter will help do is to retain moisture, give nutrientsto the new turf over a long period of time and also help drainage and other issues youmay find with compacted soil so it is really important to get the balance right.

So I'mspreading this all over and evening it out and then move on to marking out where theturf is going to be.

So all the hard landscaping is now done we have the turf down and thesoil in unfortunately I got rained off yesterday but it did mean that all the soil got a goodsoak which is great.

So what I am going to do now is layout all the plants based on thedesign and then start the planting.

It is really important that you lay out all yourplants before you commit them to the soil, this allows you to move them around and makesure the spacing is correct and that it looks exactly how you want it to look.

Better todo it now rather than when you've dug them all in! Just to remind you here is how thegarden looked before.

A sea of ugly tarmac and an unusable front space.

Here it is thefinished design turning a lump of tarmac into a beautiful and functional front garden, I'vebeen Garden Ninja and if you have any questions please visit my site www.




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Backyard Patio Design Ideas

When you are choosing your patio design onhow to build a patio, your ideas they may range largely from a plain concrete area witha BBQ grill to a large furnished area made for entertaining.

Either way, your patio ideas will need toinclude your patio furniture, plants and anything else you want to include.

Do you want a fountain or maybe even a smallpond? When choosing how your patio ideas are goingto look, you need to consider what theme you are going for.

Do you want something new and contemporaryor do you want something more traditional? Maybe you want it to look like a lodge orcamp site or maybe you want it to be a zen asian theme.

All of this needs to be considered beforeyou start implementing your patio design ideas into reality.

For a natural look, your best bet is to gowith a lot of wood furniture.

If you want something more traditional, wickeris a great choice.

It is inexpensive and lasts for a long time.

Wicker also goes well if you also have a gardenbecause the colors blend well together.

Wicker is very comfortable and usually doesnot need any additional cushions or other softeners.

Wrought iron is another furniture choice foryour patio design ideas.

It is very durable and tough, but it is notvery comfortable.

The benefit to this type of patio furnitureis that it can withstand a lot of really bad weather.

Aluminum is another patio furniture choice.

It is very inexpensive and can also withstandthe rain and snow quite well.

Many people choose to paint this and add cushionsto make it more appealing.

Choose what you like best and works well withinyour garden design theme and budget.

Soon you will be out enjoying your new patio.

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Creative Landscaping Design Ideas

Landscaping Design has a very large rangeof concepts, from home to business, rural to commercial; so many different landscapes.

Imagine walking down the streets of a busycity.

Look at your surroundings, to your left andyour right.

Landscaping Design varies from pots of flowersinviting you into a building, cobble walkways leading you to an entrance or rolling hillsof grass beautifying a park.

Landscape is not limited to your front orback yard.

There are many cities that lack yard areas;they have garden and lawn areas on roof tops.

Hotels, malls and theme parks have used landscapingdesign to beautify and make their businesses more attractive.

The landscapes around you could have beencreated by a paid professional or by someone in their free time.

You can find so many landscape ideas via theinternet, magazines and books explaining the best ways to conquer the task yourself.

There are so many different ways to createa landscape, try using different colors and textures.

Rock, brick and stone can add a variety oftextures while plants and flowers can add color.

Some will venture to add streams and smallwaterfalls in there yards, while others prefer simple colors and stone.

Landscaping design can make any area beautiful,transforming old and ugly to eclectic and beautiful.

Landscaping can transform a rundown old streetfrom filling dirty and dingy to clean and crisp.

By adding color through plants and grass,replacing rotted cement with stones; a few simple changes create a new atmosphere anda beautiful, comfortable area to enjoy.

Do you want to try changing your yards appearanceby yourself or hiring someone to change the feel of your business location? It can be done simple or intercut.

Find a design layout that you love, find flowersor plants that you feel could enhance your surroundings.

Make a phone call to a professional for anestimate.

You can also ask friends for help, some findit more enjoying to do the work themselves.

Either way, make a decision and get the processof landscaping design started.

It can be as simple or as hard as you wouldlike.

Pick up a shovel, start digging.

Grab your gloves and start marking out whatyou would like to change.

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Creative Vegetable Garden Plans

You may be so excited about starting a vegetablegarden that you are tempted to just jump in without making your vegetable garden plansfirst.

The problem is, if you don't have your researchand planning completed first, your garden will not be able to thrive to its full potential.

If you want to make the most of your gardenuse the following vegetable garden planning tips.

1- Make your garden on paper first.

Resist the temptation to simply buy vegetableseeds and toss them into your garden space.

You need to design it out first.

Each plant you choose will have differentneeds and requirements, make sure you give each plant the light and space it needs tomature.

Also consider the colors the vegetable plantswill be and color coordinate as desired.

2- Don't just picture your vegetable plantsas seedlings, consider how they will look and fit into your garden when they are fullygrown.

Always plan with the end in mind, how willthese look when they are big? If you don't leave enough space between eachof your veggies they will compete with each other for soil nutrients and sunlight.

This will cause some of your plants to witherand die.

3- If you also plan to plant some trees inyour yard, place the taller ones to the north of your garden.

It is also best if you plant your tall plantson the north side of your garden.

An example of tall vegetable plants wouldbe corn and tomatoes.

Why? This is to prevent them from casting shadowson the shorter plants as they grow.

Keeping shorter plants to the south will givethem the best sun access.

4- Don't just put your seeds in the dirt,prepare your soil first.

Your soil is one of the most important aspectsof your garden.

If you skimp on high quality soil, your gardenwill not do well.

Get your natural soil tested to see if youcan grow good veggies there.

You cannot always tell the quality of soiljust by looking at it.

If you skip the soil your garden will mostlikely fail.

5- Sunlight is an indispensable part of yourgarden growth and longevity.

Just like your soil, without proper sunlightyour plants will die.

Having vegetable garden plans that give toomuch shade can be disastrous.

6- Instead of just having one harvest time,consider having vegetables that peak throughout the year.

If you have a large variety of different veggiesthat grow during different months of the year you'll be able to eat healthy fresh vegetablesall year-round.

Try some varieties you've not grown in thepast.

If you take your vegetable garden planningseriously and draw up your plans from the start you'll have a huge success.

Use these vegetable garden plans to get started.

Make sure to do your research and treat yourplants well.

You will reap delicious benefits in no time.

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