Easy Yard Fence Designs

Yard fences are used to keep in pets, to createa feeling of privacy or to add security for children.

Some fences are simply cosmetic, added toenhance the house and garden.

When installing a fence it is important tomake sure you know where your land boundary is.

Yard fence designs in wood are commonly usedto create privacy and also block noise from neighbors.

Wooden fences are not only pleasant to lookat, but come in a variety of designs and color stains.

They can be designed without gaps, resultingin a solid wood façade, or they can be gapped.

Vinyl fence do the same job as a wooden one,for those who don’t really like the style of wood.

If you wish to keep dogs in (or out!) and/orcreate a secure space for your children, a chain link fence is an economical option.

These can be very tall and with a gate ifrequired.

Chain link doesn’t block out light or soundthe way a wooden fence will.

However some feel chain link fences are notvery attractive, nor do they blend as pleasantly as a wood one.

Some yard fence designs are mainly to addan accent to the house design and garden.

In this case picket fences are quite common.

Lattice work and ornate iron or wood can improvethe look of your property dramatically, and may even add value to your house.

The type of material used will determine thecost.

If you have a limited budget, you can stillmake your fence attractive by growing creeping plants up them.

Alternatively you could plant a hedge or aflower bed to accommodate tall plants and flowers.

When building a fence you should also considerhow the height and position may affect light coming into your garden.

Perhaps a tall fence may provide welcome shadeor block light to the garden that you have enjoyed having.

This consideration may influence your fencechoice.

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